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Your most reliable guide to the Dank Memer universe.

Command Reminders

With Dank Assistant, you will be reminded exactly when your cooldown is over! Besides, we have over 30 different reminders to choose from, so you will never ever see the cooldown message from Dank Memer ever again!

Dank Memer Guides

Ever wanted to find out how to get certain pets, or the various types of possibilities in adventure? Dank Assistant has them all, and much more!


We offer Calculators for every aspect of Dank Memer, such as daily rewards, prestige, omega and much more!

Accurate trending game info

Unlike our competitors that manually updates trending game which is always outdated, we fetch the trending game automatically, so the trending game is accurate at all times!

Item worth calculator

Whether you are a giveaway manager trying to calculate the value of a giveaway in a server, or you are simply trying to calculate the value of the items you want to trade, this feature is for you! Easily calculate the net worth of your items with the most updated prices available!

...and so much more!